“We’re all in! It’s like going to target [going to your studio]. I walk in. I see it. I want it. I take it home.”

“Amazing!! I have a happy dancer. She loves being at the studio... She has so much energy and enjoys every second. That is refreshing to me.”

“I loved seeing [the girls perform tonight] and how they’ve improved so much! All the girls!"

 “When my daughter was younger, she was very shy and would hardly leave my side. She wouldn’t participate in any activity until I put her in Rachel’s dance class. Rachel was able to engage her and teach her how to be comfortable in front of others. Now she loves to dance and is more confident."

"Thank you, Candice, for working with my daughter! I feel like I have been asking for help from [other coaches] and no one has done what you did. My daughter said it felt like it was worth *five sessions* from [other coaches in the valley]."

“Wow, wow, wow! What a gift this "Competition Prep" email is. (Sure wish I’d had something like this during our first ever competition at another studio previously. Would have been so helpful and saved us so much stress.) The time, effort, and attention to detail that it took to put this together is much appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

“I know my dancer is not only better off for the coaching she is getting, she is also better off with the internal mindset the whole studio is giving. Thank you.”

“I was really proud of her and her energy tonight. She was so excited to be on stage! She is getting such great training at CADA. So thankful we found you!”

"I love how Rachel teaches! She doesn’t just teach a step or a dance, but teaches conceptually - encouraging students to think and process along with the movements. I feel lucky my daughter had her as a teacher!”

“My daughter has had a stepping stone up to gain back her confidence from simple arms wrapped around her by Candice. This was a huge turning point in my daughter’s learning that it's okay not to be perfect, and CADA company members and teachers love her no matter what and will be alongside her every step of the way encouraging her with love and support.”

“I love how much intention is given to the dance education and I feel my daughter’s confidence and passion for dance is stronger than ever. I’m thankful to give this to her. Thank you.” 

“I love the mindset that growth is the reward! That is what was missing 100% at our last studio!”

"Candice was so nice! She really pushed me, which is something that I’ve been wanting. I want to dance here.” 

“I’d been there for an hour and already learned things I didn’t even know I could do. Candice pushed and encouraged me. She corrected and gave me advice. She was kind and reassuring, but also demanding. She told me I have great potential and made me believe I could become a better dancer. At the end of the lesson, she made me list all of the things I had learned from memory. That day I walked out beaming. I knew I would be returning there soon.”

“I can’t tell you how many times my daughter tells me how much she loves her team and how awesome it feels with everyone. She says, “It actually feels like a team and it’s so nice!", pretty much every time I pick her up on the way home. She loves being with these girls and that makes me more happy than anything.” 

“Rachel! My daughter LOVED your class today. She said it was 'the most fun dance class I’ve ever attended'. I asked her why and she said it was because of the one-on-one attention, the music, and the style of dance…thank you!”

“Amy [De Vera] is a rare gem in the dance community who combines bodily intelligence with relatable context and humor. She connects well with peers and students and helps to build an inclusive studio environment. Amy has a unique and holistic lens on the body, which enables others to view their bodies with kind eyes while moving. Amy encourages her dancers to make conscious choices while moving, challenging dancers to move from an embodied, internal place rather than a superficial connection. This has made students with strong technical background approach technique again with a mature, fresh, and long lasting movement theory in mind. Content like that empowers students in a dance scope, but also in everyday life. Amy is deeply committed to her craft, and to her employers and students. She gives a great amount of her time to continuing her education and making sure she is teaching the most beneficial class she can. Amy is vibrant, ambitious, engaging, well-informed, qualified, creative, and an absolute joy to be around. If you have the chance to take class from Amy, I definitely would not pass up the opportunity to connect with one of the industry’s top rising dance educators in Idaho. We love our Amy De Vera!“

"Madie explains technique in a way that makes it 'click' for dancers like we've never seen before."

“Something I find really cool about CADA is that mental health is more important over everything else. We talk to each other about things that are going on in our lives; our worries, our stresses, and our joys. CADA has created a safe place for us dancers and I am so grateful. Dance is not just hard physically but it is also hard mentally: we are hard on ourselves, we compare ourselves to others, and we negatively judge ourselves. It is important we strengthen our minds like we strengthen our muscles.”



And the list of testimonials keeps growing!

“My daughter raved about dance tonight….she wants all in! Finding this studio has been a blessing already.” 

"100% so thankful and happy! You don't know until you know what a beautiful dance culture is supposed to feel like...and you are doing it, with my daughter included."

“Everything about CADA: the staff, parents, and kids is affirmation that I’m doing the right thing for her.”

“Love the enthusiasm, encouragement, support, and organization of Candice and all of our CADA staff - thank you!!”

“...Today was the day that has officially confirmed how much my daughter has blossomed and grown since coming to CADA. I couldn’t be more appreciative and gracious to you and all the other coaches who have taken the time to love her and give her the strength to show her talents and be proud of it. Thank you.” 

"I just want to say thank you again for creating CADA. This is a special place."

“Candice, you did more for my daughter tonight than I think you know. You are amazing and you need to be coaching. You are not only amazing for their dancing but for their souls as well.”