COVID can be a divisive thing in our world today. At CADA we respect freedom to make personal choices and at the same time teach and expect a culture of respect and support for the choices of all. Please be open with our director to discuss any concerns.


1. We will have a good attitude about COVID. We never know where life will take us; the next day, week, or month. That is why we build a life where the journey is as great as the destination, the training as enjoyable as the performance. COVID is part of our lives. So we navigate it. And we smile!

2. Please consider others before coming to dance. If you are sick, feel like you might be getting sick, or someone in your family is sick, please don’t come to dance if you might spread. Everyone will feel safer, whether it’s a simple cold, stomach bug, or COVID, not worrying if something is getting passed around. *We have strict attendance and tardy policies for our company members, however coming to dance sick is not encouraged within those policies. Don’t come to dance sick. Or when your household member is sick and you think you are potential for spreading. Just stay home and cuddle with your mom. 

3. Masks are optional for both teachers and dancers. They are not encouraged or discouraged. They are just optional. Where decisions on masking can be so divisive in this world, let’s stand apart from the world and feel great about supporting whomever chooses to mask or not. 

4. I bought hand sani in buckets! And if it doesn’t smell good, I’m taking it back. Let’s wash hands cause it’s the nice thing to do. And use hand sani…if it smells good. 😆

5. If you feel like social distancing is best, we will love you for it. Stand or sit farther away in class or just say, “Candice. I know you’re a hugger. Let’s air hug today.” As teachers we won’t spend time enforcing social distancing between the kids. The kids will need to be responsible to do it themselves if that’s their famiy's choice, but if you’ll let us know you’d like them distanced we can help that child remember to maintain some distance from others and others from them, and encourage respect from all. 

covid. it's a thing.


"Madie explains technique in a way that makes it 'click' for dancers like we've never seen before."